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Dajohn Enterprises Ltd, is Kenya’s leading supplier of school based chemicals, laboratory equipments, furniture, stationery and general institutional infrastructure.

We have been exporters, importers, manufactures, distributors, wholesalers, stockists and suppliers of this products since 1981.

We offer our products and services within and outside East Africa to government institutions, parastatals, universities, hospitals, collages, secondary schools and suppliers.


Gas Fitting Accessories

Laboratory and General Gas Fitting Accessories

Laboratory Chemicals

Quality Laboratory Chemicals
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Equipment, Glasswares and Plasticware

Laborarory & School Equipment, Glasswares and Plasticware.


Schools & General Furniture

Chemicals and Lab Equipment Supplies

We are a leading supplier of laboratory chemicals and equipment through out East Africa.

School and Institutional Furniture Supplies

We have been actively involved in the furnishing of Schools and other institutions through out East Africa.


actively participate in the tendering process to supply products and services through out East Africa.

Laboratory Installations

We are specialist in the installation and set-up of laboratories through out East Africa.

School and General Office Stationery Supplies

We have been actively involved in the supply of all school and general office stationery through out East Africa.

Computers and Computer Furniture

We are a leading supplier of computers and computer furniture through out East Africa.
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